AP English Assignment 1

Advertisements can be a very effective means of conveying messages to the public. For example, this British commercial increases public awareness of cyclists by way of a concrete example: it shows firsthand how easily people can fail to notice things in plain sight when they don’t expect them. This concept applies directly to the issue at hand, as a driver not watching the road for cyclists (or especially paying attention to something else) has a greater chance of hitting one. In this way, the advertisement builds an amusing yet clear and concise case for its premise.

However, advertisements can also be deceptive, such as this commercial for AXE body spray. In addition to being crude, it exploits lust in order to sell product. It also fails to substantiate its clearly exaggerated claims about the spray’s efficacy, which set unrealistic expectations in the minds of its viewers. This results in a manipulative, dishonest, and rather flimsy sales pitch.

In summary, whereas the first commercial makes a sturdy and entertaining argument for cyclist awareness, the second commercial provides no evidence for its claim, resorting instead to underhanded and deceptive manipulation of sexual desire for monetary gain.