Research Log 4

At this point, I think my original hypothesis has been largely confirmed: a black-and-white view on the subject is insufficient. My original question was “How important is it for humans to learn information which can be more effectively stored and accessed by other means?” In a certain sense, one can quite trivially establish that it is of extreme importance that humans learn at least some such information. Perhaps it would be most appropriate to discuss the propriety of memorization in each of several different areas.

The majority of my sources can be categorized as discussing the importance of memory in either education and general thought (mostly education) or personal life. Thus, perhaps I ought to split my paper along this line, discussing what sorts of things ought to be memorized and which oughtn’t for each of the areas in turn. Thinking back on my sources, I think my thesis could be something like “Although technology can be very useful in storing and retrieving information, memorization is important in many significant ways to humans, especially in the areas of education and personal life.”


One thought on “Research Log 4

  1. This seems like a logical division– there’s the practical memorization required for us to function in daily life, and the building-block sorts of memorization required as a foundation for learning in various areas of knowledge/skill. I’m imagining that you may find more on the latter, and can address the former fairly early on in your paper and then spend the bulk of your time focusing on education.

    I’ll be particularly interested to hear if you find anything regarding the value of memorizing passages from literature!

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